What You Can Do

Sample Letter to Your Legislator

Dear  ______________________________,

My name is ______________________________.  I’m writing to request a meeting with you to advocate for change in the areas of mental health conditions and suicide.  I’ve recently become aware of a group whose mission is as follows:  To explore the biological factors contributing to suicide and mental health conditions in hopes of discovering effective methods of treatment and cures.  This group also wants to provide effective education for mental health conditions and suicide prevention. This team has been researching genetics, epigenetics, neuroinflammation, and how these biological factors combine with environmental and situational triggers.  

Through this research, the goals also include the development of tests for mental health and therapies based on the potential targets identified.  There have been studies to determine if there is a gene that may carry a predisposition to suicide and specific mental health conditions.  However, we need more studies. Mental health professionals are trying their best, but they have limited knowledge at this time. This is due to a lack of research.

Although there have been promising studies indicating that various biomarkers can predict the onset of certain mental health conditions and suicidal behaviors, there is a tremendous lack of funding provided for this research. This research is pointing to a clear genetic link to the predisposition of mental health diseases.  With this in mind, we can hopefully find cures.  However, we must have more funding.

THE AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION reports ” 50% of mental illness begins by age 14 and three quarters begin by age 24. Mental illness may also begin in childhood. https://www.psychiatry.org/patients-families/warning-signs-of-mental-illness

THE MAYO CLINIC STUDY REPORTS the deadliness of attempted suicide has been dramatically underestimated. https://www.mayoclinic.org/medical-professionals/psychiatry-psychology/news/deadliness-of-attempted-suicide-has-been-dramatically-underestimated/mac-20429739

As we all know, Covid has heightened the mental health concerns in young people. It’s estimated that we will see more suicide attempts and suicides due to the effects of Covid.

I realize one person cannot do everything alone. This is why I am asking for you to point me in the right direction. There is so much we could accomplish to help those suffering from a mental health condition and to reduce suicide in this country.  I would love the opportunity to discuss my ideas with you.

Please let me know if you can meet with me, either in person, via zoom, or a telephone call.  Thank you so much for your time.