Our Mission and Our Vision

We are a coalition advocating to increase funding for curing mental health diseases, utilizing cutting edge genetic and epigenetic research.

Our vision is to accelerate research in biomarkers for early diagnoses of “high risk” mental health conditions  and to develop novel targeted curative therapies based on the molecular causes of these brain diseases.

We also focus on discovering ways to de-stigmatize these diseases through research and education.

Our group is comprised of research scientists, medical professionals, counselors, teachers, military personnel, and those whose lives have been touched by diseases of the mind.

We welcome input from our readers and followers. Together, we can make a stand to end mental health disease and suicide.

This site is dedicated to our loved ones who have suffered at the hands of mental health diseases and suicide.

Mary Allen      Co-Site Administrator M. Ed.,  Counselor Education/School Counseling Guidance Services – Clemson University

Julie Soares    Co-Site Administrator COTA/L, Occupational Therapist, New England Institute of Technology, Warwick, Rhode Island. 

Mo Heidaran    Contributing Editor PhD., Biochemistry with emphasis on Molecular and Cell biology, University of South Carolina, Columbia

Susan Crooks  Contributing Editor M. Ed., Teacher Education – Clemson University

Contact Information: researchingthebrain@gmail.com