We have a question for you. One of our Cure Brain Disease coalition members is scheduled to interview an expert in the field of mental health disorders who has conducted, and continues to conduct, many studies on the root causes of mental health conditions. We would like your input as to what you think. What are your thoughts on the biggest causes of mental health problems? Your input will give us valuable input into an area of questions to be asked.

Although there is no single cause for mental health conditions, here is a list of a number of factors that are thought to contribute to the risk of developing mental disorders. (life experiences, biological factors such as chemical imbalances in the brain, traumatic brain injuries, exposure to environmental factors such as toxic chemicals while in utero, serious medical conditions such as cancer, alcohol and drug use, genetics and family history, feeling isolated)


Thank you all. We will make sure we post information from the interview after it takes place. (YOUR NAME WILL NOT BE SHARED.) This is your chance to express your opinions and have them heard!

  • Please do the following.
    • 1 . Follow our site for follow-ups to the interview (below right).
    • 2. Fill out the Contact Us bar on our site to give us your input.