I wonder how many children think that something is wrong with them, that it’s only them, and that they are just simply not smart enough. I heard of a little boy who asked his Mom, “Why didn’t God make my brain smart?” Can you imagine the heartbreak for that mother and her son?” Well, imagine it because it happened, and it happens every day. Little children, and then, young adults, wonder, “What is wrong with me? Why didn’t God make my brain smart?”

Interestingly, this little boy was found to be very smart. He just needed to process the information differently than some of his classmates. Children who live with learning differences are some of the brightest, most talented, and creative of us all. Research shows that there are underlying biological causes for the way we receive and process information, and this has nothing to do with intellectual ability.

What I would like to say to these beautiful children is that God Did make your brain smart. There are many scientific reasons that you (and others) might need to be taught in a different way than some of your friends, which has absolutely nothing to do with your intelligence.

I would continue to say that scientists are working on finding out what causes some people to learn in different ways, and that one day, we should have the answers. “We won’t stop until we do.”

Then, I would say, “In the meantime, while we wait for scientists to catch up, there are many good strategies to help you learn in the best way to learn for your brain. If you are struggling, talk to someone about it so that they can get you the right type of teaching that’s available right now. There are many good things that you can do while we wait for discoveries to catch up!” “You are smart!”

That’s what I would like to say.