“Moonshot for Mental Health”

                For far too long, we have been placing our mental health on the back burner.  Scientific research has made extensive advances into discovering the causes for many diseases which are deemed as ‘physical’.  Due to this dedicated research, we now have effective treatments for many of these diseases.  These include heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, and many other conditions deemed ‘physical’. However, we have left out the one organ that controls all of the other organs.  This is the brain.  I’m not speaking of tumors, strokes, or brain injuries.  I’m  speaking of something far more elusive; the brain’s role in mental health conditions.

            Much has been talked about in the realm of situational and environmental causes for mental health conditions. However, not much light has been shed onto the biological factors and genetic causes for these diseases.  We must explore the ‘science behind’ mental health conditions and suicide.  When we take a serious look into the roots of these disabling conditions, we can hopefully end the suffering.

           We must place far more focus into researching the brain.  We must have a Moonshot for Mental Health, like we did for cancer 50 years ago! The question isn’t why this is necessary.  It’s why has it taken us so long to do so?

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