Moonshot for Mental Health!


               For far too long, we have been placing our mental health on the back burner.  Extensive advances have been made to discover the causes for many conditions and diseases deemed as ‘physical’.  Due to this dedicated research, we now have much improved and effective treatments for heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, as well as many other conditions. However, we have overlooked the one organ that controls all of the other organs. This organ is the brain as it relates to mental health conditions.

            There has been a significant amount of discussion on the situational and environmental factors contributing to mental health conditions. However, not much light has been shed onto the biological and genetic factors which lie at the root of these conditions. We must extend our reach, looking beyond the horizon, to explore the ‘science behind’ mental health conditions and suicide.  Only when we look into the root causes of these, many times, disabling and life threatening conditions, can we hopefully end the suffering.




It’s way past time for us to put an end to our mental health crisis.

Mental Health is Brain Health, and this means mental health conditions are brain health conditions.

We must have a ‘Moonshot for Mental Health’, like we have had for Cancer research over 50 years ago!


Moonshot for Mental Health!!!

Please sign our Moonshot petition to move brain research forward!

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Partnerships and Organizational Memberships:

Partnerships: Walt’s Waltz, CHCF Brain, Social Media Harms, Mental Health Advocate Network,

Memberships: Mental Health Champions, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP), Mental Health America, One Mind

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